452e 4-Band Equalizer + Filter

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The embodyment of Rock'n'Roll, this iconic Equaliser works evenly well without a costly british console around it - you just might want more units...

Black EQs Matter!

From Andy Wallace over Vance Powell to Chris Lord-Alge - mixing engineers still relying on their old consoles today do this for two main reasons: an incredible intuitive automation system, and channels packed with EQs that defined the sound of thousands of records.

We can't give you the first, but we took our own approach on the latter - from surgical to musically broad mids, an incredible punchy lo-bell section and a high bell/shelf that has helped to define the term "presence" - you'll wonder how much time you lost scrolling through that list of plugins.

Even of your workflow is mainly InTheBox, tweaking your recording signal on the way in will get your productions to the next level.

Technical Details

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  • Lo Shelf/Bell +/-18dB @ 30-360Hz
  • LoMid +/-18dB @ 200Hz-2kHz
  • HiMid +/-18dB @ 700Hz-7kHz
  • Hi Shelf/Bell +/-18dB @ 1,2-14kHz
  • HiPass Filter, Frequency set internally via jumper (70 or 120Hz)

sound samples

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Also available in 19" Rack Format

This beauty is also available as a stereo rack unit, with sweepable filters and an switchable MS-matrix, allowing you to process Mid- and Side signals independently, allowing to successfully tweak your most sensitive stereo material. Throw it on busses - drums, guitars, keys and even your master will finally get that punch and presence they deserve.

These units come built-to-order, so we cannot offer current stock or prices (you'll still be surprised) - please get in touch