LevelDoc500 FET Crusher

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Overlooked as a PA safety limiter in the 1970ies, this unit went famous after it was used to smash drums on a Michael Jackson album

Product Information

Different timing options, two FETs to choose from and a dry/wet control are bringing this old-school weapon into modern production environments.

We won't lie - this compressor is anything but clean... it's noisy, unconventional, sometimes even unpredictable... but it's soo much fun!

From adding this extra dirt to your vocals to completely altering the timing of your drum tracks, this beast will help you bring back some dirt into your recordings, and we promise you'll have this special smile on your face.

Product Details

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  • wide range of input levels
  • light and heavy compression ratio
  • 3 different timing settings
  • 2 different FETs (old/new)
  • dry/wet control
  • true bypass via relais

sound samples

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