W592/593 4-Band Equalizer

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Legendary 4-Band Equalizer from the 1970ies, with a modern twist -
for the first time available in the API 500 format.

Did someone say "NeuM..."?

A pinnacle of German engineering in the 1970ies, we recreated this units legendary oldschool sound with new modern features like adjustable bandwidth, shiftable frequencies and the option for reduced gain - all in a compact one-slot 500 series package that has never been made before.

Expand your arsenal with the surgical-to-broadband forward-mids, soft bass and AIR-style Hi-Shelf to make your instruments and vocals pop straight out of your mix.

Technical Details

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  • Low Shelf +/-15dB @ 30-400Hz
  • Low Mid +/-15dB @ 60-1000Hz, switchable x0.5
  • High Mid +/-15dB @ 1-16kHz 
  • High Shelf +/-18dB @ 3-10kHz, switchable 9-30kHz
  • SOFT - reduces gains to 50% for more detailed operation
  • True bypass

SOUND samples

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