Service & Concepts

As a musician, producer or engineer - your workspace is everything.
Your tools and setup will add up to your creative workflow -
or be in the way.

Even in modern times, some of your audio path will be analog - and analog needs careful planning, wiring and sometimes repair.

If it's restructuring your audio workspace, designing your patchbay or just finding the source of that hum...
we might either have the right solution for you, or come up with your own individual one!
And hey, maybe it's just about asking the right questions to get you started, and you'll end up doing the soldering work yourself? 

Do it yourself

We eventually offer some of our products as DIY kits - we'll supply you with all the materials you need plus an extensive building manual -  just add some tools, solder and steady hands.

Depending on supply and maybe even demand, availability and prices may change anytime, so we cannot put this offer into the shop.
If you are interested, please do not hesitate to get in touch!